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Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems

Reports by the Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems (listed by most recent release)

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Advanced Engineering Environments: Achieving the Vision, Phase 1 (1999)

Review of the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles: Fifth Report (1999)

The Practicality of Pulsed Fast Neutron Transmission Spectroscopy for Aviation Security (1999)

Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001: Federal Facilities Council Report No. 138 (1999)

Review of the Need for a Large-Scale Test Facility for Research on the Effects of Extreme Winds on Structures (1999)

Review of the Draft Plan for the Modernization and Associated Restructuring Demonstration (1999)

Reducing the Logistics Burden for the Army After Next: Doing More with Less (1999)

Applying Advanced Information Systems to Ports and Waterways Management (1999)

A Vision for the National Weather Service: Road Map for the Future (1999)

Defense Manufacturing in 2010 and Beyond: Meeting the Changing Needs of National Defense (1999)