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Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design

Reports by the Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design (listed by most recent release)

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Dispelling the Manufacturing Myth: American Factories Can Compete in the Global Marketplace (1992)

The Competitive Edge: Research Priorities for U.S. Manufacturing (1991)

Improving Engineering Design: Designing for Competitive Advantage (1991)

Research Directions in Computational Mechanics (1991)

The Internationalization of U.S. Manufacturing: Causes and Consequences (1990)

Army Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: A 1987 Review (1987)

Manufacturing Technology: Cornerstone of a Renewed Defense Industrial Base (1987)

Human Resource Practices for Implementing Advanced Manufacturing Technology (1986)

Toward a New Era in U.S. Manufacturing: The Need for a National Vision (1986)

Computer Integration Engineering Design and Production: A National Opportunity (1984)