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Are you wondering how you find a gene?
Genes are tiny pieces of DNA that carry traits which can be passed from parents to their children. One way to find a specific gene—one that causes disease, for example—is to discover a genetic "marker," a piece of DNA that sits very close to the gene. Markers come in different varieties and everyone has them. People who get sick have one form of the marker and people who don't get sick have another.
Nancy Wexler, The Gene Hunter
Studies the genes that cause hereditary diseases
  The Nancy Scrapbook
Find out how this kid from Kansas grew up to be a gene hunter in Venezuela.
The Hunt is On Comic
Follow Nancy in her search for a cure to Huntington's disease.
Gene Tree Science Lab
Track the traits that run in your family.
Nancy says, Strange as it seems, the public is probably more vulnerable to genetic diseases than anything else.
NancyD N A Strand

"Taking part in the struggle against hereditary diseases has given me purpose and direction, and perhaps the privilege of saving lives."

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