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Are you wondering what the weather's like on Neptune?
Neptune has some of the wildest—and strangest—weather in the solar system. It takes the planet almost 165 years to orbit the Sun. That means that its four seasons can each be more than 40 years long! Right now it's springtime on this blue planet. But it's not warm. The average temper-
ature is -350°F and wild winds can gust up to 900 m.p.h.
Heidi Hammel, The Outer Planet Expert
Used a space telescope to observe a giant comet crash on Jupiter
  The Heidi Scrapbook
Discover how Heidi got hooked on the stars.
The Great Comet Crash Comic
Follow the adventures of Heidi and her telescope—to Jupiter!
Astroscope Game
View the Solar System, Milky Way and galaxies beyond and snap some pictures on the way!
Planetary Roll Call Science Lab
Find out how far away the planets are from the Sun.
Moon Watching Science Lab
Track the phases of the Moon in the night sky.
Heidi Hammel

"The Universe is full of opportunities. Every night offers the possibility of discovering something no one has ever seen."

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