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Meet Diane
At Work
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Meet Diane

Diane France solves mysteries and crimes by deciphering the stories bones tell her. Just by looking at a skeleton, Diane learns about the way the person lived and the way he or she died. A skull can tell her whether a body is female or male and a femur (thigh bone) can reveal how tall the person was.

Diane's Grand Adventures

Analyzing skeletons leads Diane all around the world and back in time. She's studied the skeletons of the murdered Russian royal family, the Romanovs, and peered into the eye sockets of the American outlaw, Jesse James. On display in her Colorado lab are plastic casts of eight skulls belonging to American Civil War soldiers. Diane's company, France Casting, makes handmade casts, or detailed copies, of bones for museum exhibits, classroom teaching tools, and forensic investigations. She's created casts of early living settlers, soldiers, sailors, outlaws, and even a tiger's tongue.

Diane holds a plastic cast of her own skull Helping Those in Need

Diane uses her scientific know-how to help people struck by disaster. Moments after a phone call, she rushes to the scene of a plane crash, fire, or terrorist bombing to identify victims. When a body is missing, she searches for it with a team that specializes in finding hidden graves.

Diane France, forensic anthropologist
Casting a Cranium
Diane makes a rubber mold of a craniumDiane makes a rubber mold of a cranium, the top part of the skull. Liquid plastic poured into the mold will harden quickly, forming a cast.
Fun Facts
In 1989 Diane became the forty first forensic anthropologist