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Meet Cynthia
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Meet Cynthia Breazeal

Robots with emotions? A crazy idea? Not to this creative roboticist. Cynthia Breazeal builds robots that are amazingly lifelike. They make eye contact and smile when praised. They close their eyes, turn their heads, and even shrink back when they get over-stimulated.

Cynthia is part inventor, part computer scientist, and part artist. To create her robots, she uses her knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, computer programming, psychology, and even popular cartoons.

    Kismet: Cynthia's Most Famous Robot

Cynthia designed Kismet to communicate using expressions drawn from babies and animals. The robot's "mood" actually affected its behavior. Kismet's face might appear happy, sad, tired, and even surprised!

Kismet could react to what someone was thinking and feeling. How? The robot used cameras and microphones to gather sensory information about its environment. Then Kismet would respond to it.

Cynthia Breazeal's passion is to create robots
Meet Kismet
In this video, Kismet is calm, angry, disgusted, disapproving, fearful, happy, interested, and sad.

Fun Facts about Cynthia Breazeal
 Cynthia met movie director Steven Spielberg about his movie A I: Artificial Intelligence