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Are you wondering can a robot tell how you're feeling?
A robot isn't human—or even alive. But some robots can recognize cues from a person's behavior and respond to them. Cynthia's robot Kismet gathered information through computers and electrical sensors. It was programmed to identify cues—like body movements or the sound of a voice—and determine whether someone was praising, scolding, or soothing it. Kismet responded to these cues with different facial expressions, as well as neck and head movements.
Cynthia Breazeal, The Robot Designer
Created a robot that responds to a person's mood
  The Cynthia Scrapbook
Find out how Cynthia went from jock to robo-maker!
Creating Kismet the Robot Comic
Step by step, learn how Cynthia made Kismet come "alive"!
Make a Robot Game
Build your own robot and test it in our Robot Lab.
The Kismet Show
See Kismet in action and watch Cynthia describe her masterpiece.

"I want robots to share our world with us, to communicate and interact with us, understand and even relate to us in a personal way."

Read the Book, Robo World Learn more about Cynthia's robots
How Kismet Works
Cynthia explains what makes Kismet tick.

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