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Are you wondering how much a gorilla eats in a day?
An adult male gorilla can eat between 40 and 50 pounds of food in a single day. Talk about an appetite—gorillas spend more time eating than doing anything else! Primarily herbivores, gorillas eat mostly roots, flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, and seeds. But snacks sometimes include ants and termites.
Amy Vedder, The gorillas' best friend
Accepted by a gorilla family in Africa
  The Amy Scrapbook
Find out how Amy went from backyard hiking to hanging out with gorillas.
The Gorilla Caper Comic
Travel with Amy to Rwanda and meet her gorilla family.
Gorialla Quest Game
Track a family of gorillas through the African jungle.
Pet Detective Science Lab
Uncover the clues to your pet's behavior.
Amy Vedder

"Nobody had tried to follow the gorillas before, so I was breaking new ground. People told me it wouldn't work. I was really thrilled when it did."

Read the book, Gorilla Mountain Learn more about Amy and the gorillas
Watch to the Video
Follow Amy as she hikes through the rain forest in search of gorillas.
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