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Are you wondering what the weather is like on Neptune?
Rocks are often the only witnesses to a planet's distant past. Their color, shape, and scars tell a story about what happened to the planet long ago. Rocks are usually found in layers with the oldest at the bottom and the youngest at the top. But a major event, such as an earthquake or an asteroid impact, disrupts these layers, leaving behind a record of when and where catastrophic events occurred.
Adriana Ocampo, The Space Geologist
Examines rocks to learn about a planet's history
  The Adriana Scrapbook
Find out how Adriana went from pretending to explore outer space as a kid to working for NASA.
The Crater of Doom Comic
Travel with Adriana as she digs up dirt on a 65-million-year-old mystery.
Cookie Quarry Science Lab
Break open some chocolate chip cookies and research the ingredients.
Adriana Ocampo

"It's the dream of every child to get to play in the dirt. We geologists get to do it for real."

Read the book, Space Rocks Learn more about Adriana and the Crater of Doom
Watch the Video
See Adriana in action as she digs up some answers about our planet's past.
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